Timber Henon Bamboo Poles

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Product Information

Henon is one of the strongest and most durable of all bamboo species. All Southern Bamboo timber poles are kiln-dried and processed to ensure durability and strength. Whether being used as fencing, decking, or any other structure, Southern Bamboo’s line of timber bamboo is sure to outlast traditional lumber products.

Price per 10′ foot pole:

  • 2″ Diameter (minimum order of 10): $10 per pole
  • 2.5″ Diameter (minimum 10): $15
  • 3″ Diameter (minimum 5): $20
  • 3.5″ Diameter (minimum 5): $24
  • 4″ Diameter (minimum 4): $28
  • 4.5″ and above:CALL FOR QUOTE

All poles can be custom cut under 10 feet at no additional charge. Poles can also be cut up to 19 feet in length. For custom cuts above 10 feet, a per-foot fee will be applied. Call for a quote regarding custom cuts. We want to be your #1 bamboo supplier.

Please note that since bamboo is an organic product, width may taper, and diameters may vary from 1/8 inch less to 1/4 inch more than requested diameter. You may also be interested in our green bamboo.

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Henon bamboo poles