Timber Bamboo Poles

All Southern Bamboo timber poles are kiln-dried and processed to ensure durability and strength. Whether being used as fencing, decking, or any other structure, Southern Bamboo’s line of timber bamboo is sure to outlast traditional lumber products. All of our poles are cut to order, from 1 foot in length to 19+ feet! We also feature a wide variety of stains and custom designs to make our bamboo poles uniquely yours!

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Henon is one of the strongest and most durable of all bamboo species. After kiln-drying, it has a natural olive-green sheen to it with hints of silver. Henon, with its light coloring, make it perfect for staining and fire-treating.
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Moso is the most popular bamboo for manufacturing lumber products and bamboo flooring. Moso poles dry to a deep, golden brown and are among the strongest, most durable bamboo species in the world.

Most orders can be delivered within 30 days of purchase.

We have many types of bamboo poles for sale:

  1. Raw Bamboo
  2. Stained Bamboo
  3. Green Bamboo
  4. Timber Bamboo
  5. Decorative Bamboo
  6. Bamboo Fence
  7. Bamboo flooring