Tiki Huts

Product Information

Tiki Hut – Single pole – Umbrella style
10′ dia w table – $2100.00 plus shipping

Tiki Hut – Gazebo Style
10 x 10 $3004.00 plus shipping
10′ x 12′ $3600.00 plus shipping
12 x 20 $7200.00 plus shipping

tiki hut

Tiki Hut – Gazebo Style – Round
14′ diameter $ 4000.00 plus shipping
16′ diameter $ 5500.00 plus shipping
other sizes available upon request


Portable Tiki Bar
8×12 roof with a u-shaped bar counter , 5.5′ x 7′
Commercial grade construction , shelving inside interior ( can be customized for refrigerators , double counters etc.) all bamboo interior and exterior , marine varnished. $5,400 plus shipping

All Tiki hut are kits , all pressure treated round pole framing construction ( framing is lifetime) with Sabal Palm Thatch. Tiki huts are constructed , labeled , taken apart , packaged , including all hardware , and shipped to customer , with very detailed instructions for reconstruction, includes video for thatching .

Tiki huts withstand extreme weather of all kinds , including snow, Thatching lasts approx 6-8 years before it will need to be re-thatched. Re-thatching consists of tearing off all of the old thatch , and putting on new . Very simple to refresh the tiki hut. Tiki huts with pressure treated framing will last as long as someone will want it in their yard, much cooler than a typical canvas , or metal gazebo. These Tiki Huts do not leak water , so you can put electric , ceiling fans , tvs stereos, etc. in them.

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