Stained and Fire Treated Bamboo

Product Information

Stained Bamboo Poles

In addition to our line of kiln-dried bamboo poles, Southern Bamboo supplies a wide variety of stained poles cut and colored to order!

Now you can have all of the durability and versatility of bamboo with color accents that match your landscaping or interior design theme. Our main product line includes Mahogany, Black, Walnut, Chestnut and Pecan, but literally any stain that can be used for traditional wood products can also be applied to bamboo. The options are limitless!

Fire-Treated Bamboo Poles

In addition to staining bamboo to specific colors, we also fire-treat our poles for another level of customization. Bamboo poles that are flame-treated with our proprietary treating system result in a beautiful, smoky color with unique coloration that is sure to dazzle and impress! Flame-treated bamboo poles can also be customized further to include pre-designed patterns. Between staining and fire-treating, any and all bamboo poles ordered through us will be uniquely American, and now – uniquely yours!