Raw Green Bamboo

Product Information

Southern Bamboo is a supplier of raw bamboo, AKA green bamboo, that’s fresh cut right here in the United States. Our raw bamboo is Henon Bamboo or Moso Bamboo.

Price per 10′ foot raw green pole (minimum order of 10):

  • 2″ Diameter (minimum order of 10): $8 per pole
  • 2.5″ Diameter (minimum 10): $12
  • 3″ Diameter (minimum 5): $16
  • 3.5″ Diameter (minimum 5): $20
  • 4″ Diameter (minimum 4): $24
  • 4.5″ and above:CALL FOR QUOTE
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Southern Bamboo represents the United States’ only commercial supply of raw bamboo. Raw bamboo that is fresh-cut from a healthy grove is useful for much more than one might expect. Raw bamboo can be manufactured into furniture, flooring, fencing, and much more. The cellulosic and viscose content of raw bamboo alone allows it to be utilized in ways that are currently unexplored by the US domestic market, as the United States does not take advantage of its own domestic supply.

The vast majority of the world’s bamboo supply is exported from China. As such, China controls how that supply is exported to the rest of the world. Green Bamboo has an almost endless list of what it can be used for: textiles, flooring, fencing, ethanol, clothing, food; the possibilities are endless. But when it comes to Chinese exports, the United States – the world’s largest bamboo importer – only sees the tip of the iceberg in terms of what bamboo can be manufactured into if a raw supply were available domestically.

Southern Bamboo harvests raw bamboo poles for commercial consumption. These new commercial products can aid the faltering US economy, employ American workers, and take advantage of a new all-American cash crop that will diversify the agriculture industry.

The Mississippi Delta contains the most fertile soil in the US, yet is the most economically depressed in the nation. Southern Bamboo has chosen this location as its home base as bamboo thrives in this climate. In 2011, Southern Bamboo began its operations and now boasts one of the largest supplies of raw bamboo in the United States.

With this immediately available supply of raw bamboo, Southern Bamboo can complement the agriculture industry with a new cash crop and offer an entire line of new, domestic products that are truly green. The combination of readily available raw bamboo and Southern Bamboo’s infrastructure represent the future of American bamboo as well as expansive opportunities for the United States’ agriculture and manufacturing industries.