Decorative and Timber Poles

Product Information

Southern Bamboo offers beautiful ornamental poles for indoor or outdoor display. These poles are treated with a UV coating to ensure that their natural colors will last. We also offer poles for utilitarian purposes. Henon, Moso and Tonkin are some of the sturdiest species of bamboo used for fencing, flooring, tiki bars, gazebos and much more.

Henon Bamboo Poles

The largest of the Southern Bamboo family, Henon is one of the strongest and most durable of all bamboo species. It naturally turns a silver-gray color when harvested, and dries to a beautiful beige. Most Henon plants grow to well over 100 feet tall. With its strength and thickness, it can also be used as privacy fencing, lumber products and building materials.

Moso Bamboo Poles

Moso is the most popular bamboo for manufacturing lumber products and bamboo flooring. It has a tensile strength stronger than that of corded steel, and can be used to manufacture flooring that is much harder than Oak. Moso poles are dark green in color, and dry to a deep brown.

Tonkin Bamboo Poles

As a decorative pole, fencing product and popular mainstay in tiki bars, Tonkin is one of the most versatile species of bamboo. It is also the most varied in terms of color: Tonkin can be harvested when it’s a bright, vibrant green, dark green, tan, or kiln-dried to a golden brown. Tonkin fencing is also stronger and much more durable than traditional pine or cedar.

Vivax Bamboo Poles

Vivax is so green, it practically glows in the dark! Silver rings adorn each node on Vivax, making it a beautiful decorative pole for indoors or outdoors. If kiln-dried, Vivax loses some of its green vibrancy, but turns from a bright green into an dazzling array of colors ranging from purple to hunter green to brown.

Nigra Bamboo Poles

Nigra, or Black Bamboo, is very rare and difficult to propagate. Once harvested, it has a silver coating of wax that can be preserved if so desired. However, once polished, Nigra takes on a whole new look and resembles a deep, dark ebony color that is as unique as it is beautiful.

Robert Young Bamboo Poles

A bright, canary yellow is Robert Young’s signature color. Some poles include a small green stripe running down the side, making this decorative pole a very unique species that is sure to brighten up any room in the house.

Robert Young – Yellow

Most Robert Young poles are a beautiful, bright yellow. Poles with green-striped accents are rarer; this species boasts one of the brightest colors in the bamboo family.

Robert Young – Green-striped

Only a few poles per grove produce a solid, unmistakable green stripe running along sections of the culm. Stripes range from a thin line to a series of incredible variations, providing a brilliant contrast of green on yellow.

Robert Young – Green pole

In our Robert Young groves, perhaps 1 in 1,000 culms produces a green pole. Often this will produce a sort of Robert Young ‘negative’ and create a green pole with a yellow stripe or green pole with a darker green stripe. This type of pole is extremely rare and only available in limited quantities.

Our bamboo poles are grown, harvested and distributed in the USA. We’re a Jackson Mississippi based company that provides the highest quality bamboo poles in the world. We will ship any where in the U.S.A.