Bamboo Processing

Product Information

At Southern Bamboo, Inc., all of our bamboo is 100% home-grown in the Southern United States. We’ve combined several bamboo groves to create a network of bamboo growers that produce a wide variety of decorative and timber bamboo poles.

All of our bamboo poles are hand-selected and harvested.

Once cut into desired lengths, the bamboo poles are then processed using our proprietary processing system. Most timber species of bamboo are kiln-dried to preserve their durability, while decorative bamboo poles are treated and coated with a UV-protectant, which ensures that their beautiful, natural color will endure.

All of our bamboo products are put through a rigorous finishing process to ensure strength, durability and vitality so that all of our bamboo poles, whether bought for decorative or utilitarian purposes, will withstand the test of time and continue looking as brilliant as the day they were harvested.

All poles are treated to maintain color and vibrancy for extended periods of time. Depending on indoor/outdoor pole placement and the amount of daily direct sunlight your poles are exposed to, some customers may experience slight color fading over time. This is normal; limiting the amount of direct sun exposure will prolong the vibrancy of the natural colors of your decorative bamboo pole.

Our bamboo poles are grown, harvested and distributed in the USA. We’re a Jackson Mississippi based company that provides the highest quality bamboo poles. We will ship anywhere in the U.S.A.

We also sell raw green bamboo that isn’t processed whatsoever.