American Bamboo: A New Step Forward

Product Information

The United States is currently the Number One importer of Bamboo and Bamboo-related products. The main reason for that is because there isn’t a large enough domestic supply of bamboo to meet the needs of the industry.

Southern Bamboo, Inc. intends to be the first large-scale Bamboo Company in the United States. With a new, thriving cash crop, we’ll be able to rejuvenate the agriculture industry, produce jobs for American factory workers, introduce a domestic supply of a much-needed product and even clean up the environment while we do it.

People generally produce 20 to 30 tons of carbon dioxide waste every year. As bamboo sequesters four times the amount of carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than trees, we’ll be able to erase the carbon footprint of over 15 hundred homes, or 5 thousand cars annually.

And once we begin manufacturing our bamboo poles into hardwood flooring and other high-end products, that number goes up exponentially as Carbon Dioxide is literally erased from the atmosphere.

Southern Bamboo’s employees, hardware, and products will always be 100% home grown.

In addition to protecting the environment, we’ll also be protecting American jobs. The entire purpose of Southern Bamboo is to introduce a new cash crop to the United States exclusively for domestic production. Southern Bamboo’s employees, hardware, and products will always be 100% home grown. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because the demand is already there.

Businesses everywhere are looking for sustainable solutions to meet their needs. They’re searching for products that are friendly to the environment and efficiently manufactured. Southern Bamboo offers a truly green alternative to the current global bamboo market.

The bamboo industry worldwide produces over 10 billion dollars annually. With our sustainable supply, Southern Bamboo will be the United States’ leader in bamboo farming and manufacturing. We have the technology, the research, and the experience…

  • To create agriculture and manufacturing jobs for American workers.
  • To dramatically counteract the effects of global climate change.
  • To provide a sustainable product to a wide-open domestic market.

The amount of products that can be manufactured from raw green bamboo is virtually limitless. Flooring, textiles, clothing, food, building materials, lumber and even ethanol are just a few examples of the vast utility a thriving bamboo farm can offer.

Currently, Southern Bamboo produces many custom durables–candles, curtain rods, etc.–as well as  timber for the American consumer. Additionally, we produce tons of fresh, edible bamboo shoots, hundreds of thousands of beautiful decorative bamboo poles for sale, while at the same time sequestering millions of tons of carbon dioxide, making Southern Bamboo a very environmentally-friendly company.  And, just like bamboo, our company is expanding quickly over time.

In a world focused on green solutions, Southern Bamboo is as green as it gets!

– Sean Hemmings

CEO and Founder