About Us

Our bamboo poles are Grown, harvested and distributed in the USA. Jackson Mississippi based company. Domestic bamboo poles sold direct and wholesale.

Our bamboo poles are grown, harvested and distributed in the USA. Jackson Mississippi based company.

Sean Hemmings is the CEO and Founder of Southern Bamboo.

From 2007 to 2010, the Company has been conducting climate research on the Southern United States as well as studying the logistics of farming bamboo on a large scale. What studies found was that areas in the Southern United States are perfectly suited for producing large bamboo groves similar to that of China, the world’s current leading bamboo exporter.

After visiting with local farmers, Southern Bamboo discovered a vibrant community of bamboo growers who had a market-ready cash crop with no way to cultivate it on an industrial scale.

So, the Company began uniting local bamboo growers, turning a few disparate bamboo groves into a large commercial business. Since early 2011, Sean has developed a successful business model around the concept of turning bamboo, a globally utilized natural resource, into an all-American brand.

Today, Southern Bamboo produces the largest domestic supply of decorative and timber bamboo poles in the United States. Our bamboo poles are grown, harvested and distributed in the USA and we’re a Jackson Mississippi based company.

We’re a bamboo supplier of:

  1. Bamboo Poles
  2. Raw Bamboo
  3. Stained Bamboo
  4. Green Bamboo
  5. Timber Bamboo
  6. Decorative Bamboo
  7. Bamboo Fence
  8. Bamboo flooring

By perfecting their planting, cultivating, harvesting and processing techniques, Southern Bamboo intends to become the United States’ largest domestic manufacturer of bamboo-based goods: flooring, lumber, textiles, fabrics, and much more.

By providing the United States with a large, domestic supply of quality bamboo, Southern Bamboo:

–          Curtails international shipping costs for US-based businesses

–          Employs American farmers and factory workers

–          Delivers quality goods at a fraction of the turnaround time

–          Contributes to environmental protection by limiting fossil fuels spent on harvesting and shipping

As the backbone of Southern Bamboo, Sean Hemmings strongly believes in a business that ensures honest wages for American workers, environmentally responsible business practices, and remains committed to supplying consumers and businesses alike with quality bamboo goods.


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