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Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. During the growing season, some species can grow an average of six feet per day! All of this tremendous growth causes bamboo to be one of the best plants for the environment. Bamboo sequesters 4 times the amount of Carbon Dioxide and produces 35% more Oxygen than trees do. Raw green bamboo is being processed for is cellulosic and viscose content.

Any bamboo products sold by Southern Bamboo, Inc. effectively locks up the carbon dioxide that the plants have sequestered during their lifetimes, essentially removing those quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere permanently. The CO2 annually removed from the atmosphere is substantial, and has a cumulative effect over the lifetime of a bamboo grove. Essentially, the more goods that are produced from bamboo, the cleaner the environment becomes. This is a very unique factor, especially when compared to other companies which, the more products they manufacture, the more pollution they create.

Henon Bamboo Poles - Our bamboo poles are grown, harvested and distributed in the USA. We're a Jackson Mississippi based company.

Henon Bamboo Grown in the Southern United States

When properly maintained, growing bamboo is a more efficient use of space, time and resources as compared to other domestically-produced crops. Bamboo is highly resistant to insects and disease, and therefore does not require environmentally-damaging pesticides or herbicides to maintain it, whereas growing typical cash crops requires the use of both, adding not only to environmentally-damaging growing processes, but also elevating the cost of production. The root system created by bamboo prevents erosion and requires little maintenance as bamboo enriches the soil as it matures. Also, it is less vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. Many species of bamboo can grow in almost any climate.

One of the challenges of growing bamboo on a large scale is the issue of propagation. It can be difficult to cultivate enough bamboo to provide the amount of plants needed to support a large commercial farm. With Southern Bamboo’s current available supply of bamboo, we expect to be able to cultivate several thousand acres over the next few years and expand our product line from simple decorative poles to fencing, flooring, lumber, and many other products.

As with many natural resources, bamboo also suffers from the pressures of growing populations and habitat destruction. Many bamboo species are either extinct or nearly eliminated from their natural ranges.

The world’s bamboo supply is severely threatened by the demands of an industrial society. As many as half of the world’s woody bamboo species may be near extinction. Like many natural resources in high demand, the world’s naturalized bamboo forests are being over-harvested, and replanting isn’t possible in sufficient quantities without advanced plant production technology.

Our company aims to bring bamboo to the United States as a commercial cash crop. This will prevent over-harvesting, ensure jobs for American workers, dramatically contribute to a cleaner environment, and provide consumers with a uniquely American product.

Most ‘green’ companies sell bamboo goods that are brought in from overseas producers. While bamboo itself is a tremendous plant, the logistics and shipping required to transplant bamboo goods across vast distances actually contributes to global warming instead of combating it.

As a domestic supplier of bamboo goods, Southern Bamboo is able to make the most of bamboo’s incredibly environmentally-friendly properties, and utilize this amazing plant to its fullest potential.

Our bamboo poles are grown, harvested and distributed in the USA. We’re a Jackson Mississippi based company.

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